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Game Crunch

Oct 30, 2015

This week on Game Crunch: As the day of reckoning, November 10th 2015, approaches the crew is hard at work doing what they can to prepare.  Mike is trying to clean up his slate to have it ready for the new games.  Currently he’s balancing Chibi Robo Zip Lash, Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, […]

Oct 23, 2015

This week on Game Crunch: The march towards the 2015 holiday onslaught of games continues!  Mike starts it off by talking about Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes!  Although he was only able to play the demo the possibilities of the online dynamics are already clear!  He also takes some time to explore the...

Oct 16, 2015

This week on Game Crunch: The onslaught of new games is coming!  Brandon and Nick both find themselves trying out games of the future (or is it the past?) with the Star Wars Battlefront beta! If that isn’t enough to get them rocking out on the new systems they do have Rock Band 4 to […]

Oct 9, 2015

This week on Game Crunch:  It’s time for our big talk of Shadows of the Damned! Before that though this is one big Halloween themed Game Debate episode of Game Crunch!  We answer your burning questions like: What aspect of a horror game is most important?  What are your favorite scary themed areas in...

Oct 2, 2015

This week on Game Crunch: Shadows of the Damned be damned!  Our playthrough had to be delayed (as well as the Game Debate) but don’t let that ruin your fun!  The Game Debate crew found themselves still with plenty to talk about!  Nick is still keeping it real with Destiny.  Brandon checked out some big...